Move your gondola shelves.

Renovating, optimizing space, or simply preparing for seasonal stock changes in your stores do not have to hinder the customer journey.

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Move your pallet racks.

Moving existing large-scale racking to reconfigure a busy warehouse can be a labor-intensive task and a staggering interruption to everyday operations.

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Gondola Skate is a leading manufacturer of fixture mobilization equipment. We enable retailers and warehousing professionals to achieve significant cost savings by moving gondola shelves and pallet racks more safely and easily.

Gondola Skate introduces Rhino II fixture system at EuroShop
March 13, 2017
Gondola Skate to join retail leaders at EuroShop
January 10, 2017
Gondola Skate introduces new Rhino II fixture system at IMHX
September 13, 2016

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