Frank Charles Cozza...
Founder & CEO

Frank Charles Cozza is a California-licensed architect who was educated at Ohio State University and San Diego’s New School of Architecture where he earned his Master of Architecture degree. Originally focused on growing his architecture firm specializing in custom residential projects, Frank was requested to design a solution for retail fixture mobilization in 1996. The pharmacy store giant, Rite Aid, had acquired 1,100 Thrifty Payless Stores and construction teams needed to efficiently move every gondola shelf unit in each location. A contractor had built a rusty metal device that was a real danger to the shelves and users of the equipment, as well as customers. Frank teamed up with engineer Gerry Taylor to design the first ever retail fixture skate device as a result of Rite Aid’s challenge, and the fixture mobility industry was born.

The original System 1 Black Skate featured a high-strength plastic injection-molded housing with 4 robust casters, and each skate could carry a 2,000 lb. load. The innovative product was awarded a U.S. Patent for a dolly system designed for moving large, loaded display cases. Empowered to remodel their 1,100 new stores within a lean budget, Rite Aid saved thousands of labor hours and more than $100,000 USD per week, every week, during their remodeling program.

Frank was featured in the 2006 Chain Store Age Magazine’s “Retail's Rising Stars: 40 Under 40”, and has become renowned for leading evolution of the fixture mobilization industry for more than two decades. To date, Gondola Skate has been awarded more than 50 patents for its innovations which serve gondola fixture and warehouse pallet rack mobilization needs of the world’s largest retail and warehouse enterprises.

Frank shared, “We set ourselves apart at Gondola Skate, because we analyze each customer’s fixture moving needs, the location and surfaces, streamline labor, budget and timing to create an optimized application specifically for the customer to enjoy the ultimate results. Our engineering team designs complete solutions with unmatched mobilization speed, minimized sales disruption, and step-by-step operating procedures for enhanced safety. This attention to detail has not only lead to our industry-leading, patented equipment designs, most importantly, it’s uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for our customers.”

Frank was inspired by one of history’s great inventors, Stanley Mason (whose father worked with Thomas Edison).

“Inventors are not people with light bulbs over their heads. They are people who are always thinking of how things could work better,” said Mason.

“Stanley Mason was brought in by companies to create solutions to everyday problems, to save money and generate large opportunities for the business, and at Gondola Skate we charge ourselves with that same purpose. This is precisely how we approach serving our customers’ needs and empowering their ultimate success,” said Frank.


Gondola Skate is a leading manufacturer of fixture mobilization equipment. We enable retailers and warehousing professionals to achieve significant cost savings by moving gondola shelves and pallet racks more safely and easily.

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