Nick Harbaugh
Strategic Business Development

Nick Harbaugh brings to Gondola Skate’s business development team a tremendous depth of retail construction and renovation program expertise, honed through years of U.S. and international project experiences. He’s been active in the Retail Project Management and Construction Industry for more 20 years. Throughout his career, Nick has enjoyed and excelled at the development processes on multi-million-dollar fixture installations, project management, remodeling and new store build-out programs, and he consults regularly with top executives from a variety of fields (i.e., logistics, design / architectural / engineering, construction and fixture manufacturing) to help create synergistic Gondola Skate solutions.

Nick attended Ohio State University, garnering education in both the Engineering College as well as the Business School pursuing disciplines in Mechanical Engineering and Business management respectively.

He built a foundation in operations management early in his career, at Drug Emporium, before co-founding RMS East (now RMSe after it was acquired). In the 15+ years Nick spent at RMS it grew to a multi-million-dollar business, performing construction management services for some of the world’s largest retail chains, brands such as Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Big Lots and many others.

In 2011, Nick joined forces with Western Installations & Logistics as VP of Business Development, generating 242% growth. He transformed what began as a California company and expanded it nationally and internationally (Canada). He spearheaded projects ranging from fixture installations to general contracting. Through Nick, the company provided project analysis and details which made positive impact on each clients’ bottom line.

Next, Nick was engaged by AXIS Global Logistics in 2013. AXIS is a leading transportation, logistics and installation services company. Nick was commissioned with helping AXIS establish itself as a leader in the installation business just as they were in logistics and transportation.

Nick has a depth of experience completing projects in tens of thousands of locations in several countries.

Although Nick calls Playa Avellanas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica home, he has never forgotten his Ohio roots and work ethic instilled in him. He is a member of ICSC (past roundtable facilitator), A.R.E. and an industry LinkedIn group manager.


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