Our History

Like all successful entrepreneurs, Frank Cozza had a great idea at the right time. In this case, the idea was for a lightweight, plastic injection molded device that carries a lot of weight and helps retailers move fixtures easily.

The notion for what is now known as Gondola Skate came as Frank was working with Rite Aid, one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States, during its 1996 acquisition of Thrifty Payless. To accommodate a new store layout, the retail chain needed a solution for moving fully-loaded shelving units. Twenty years later, this single idea has developed into one of the largest solution providers for fixture mobilization in the world.

The first Gondola Skate office in Point Loma, California


Gondola Skate is a leading manufacturer of fixture mobilization equipment. We enable retailers and warehousing professionals to achieve significant cost savings by moving gondola shelves and pallet racks more safely and easily.

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