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The Gondola Skate Commitment to Excellence

Since the sale of our first retail fixture skate in 1997, Gondola Skate has been a driver of marketplace innovation and a powerful catalyst in retail and warehouse business success stories. Today, we lead the fixture mobilization industry with more than 40 products developed and more than 50 patents awarded for our revolutionary designs. We develop solutions that enable retailers and warehousing professionals to move loaded gondola shelving and pallet racking units of any type in as little as fifteen minutes or less with as few as four employees, without the need to demerchandise or completely empty shelves of inventory. This approach achieves the most significant cost savings and avoids disruption of the sales environment. We are driven by a devout commitment to excellence in serving our customers’ needs for speed, savings and safety in their mobilization programs.


Gondola Skate is a leading manufacturer of fixture mobilization equipment. We enable retailers and warehousing professionals to achieve significant cost savings by moving gondola shelves and pallet racks more safely and easily.

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