Retail Solutions

It’s time to get moving.

Many of the industry’s standard practices were developed years ago, long before today’s innovations. Doing more of the same will only yield incremental benefits. Your customers, however, expect much more. With a partner like Gondola Skate, you can achieve greater results. Our fixture mobilization expertise – from projects to processes – is focused on helping you achieve your goals more safely and efficiently.

Our equipment can mobilize shelving units of any type in 15 minutes or less with as few as four employees – without the need to demerchandise or empty shelves of inventory.

When this system is utilized within a retailer-specific standard operating process (“SOP”), the cost savings are maximized. For these reasons, general contractors and retailers around the world rely on us when building new stores or redesigning existing layouts.

But don’t take it from us. Just ask the following retailers whom we’re very proud to call our customers. And when you’re ready, review our products and determine which solution is just right for you.


Gondola Skate is a leading manufacturer of fixture mobilization equipment. We enable retailers and warehousing professionals to achieve significant cost savings by moving gondola shelves and pallet racks more safely and easily.

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